Sansevieria plants care

Sansevieria See how fits

Any variety of sansevieria plants is a great house plant, commonly known as snake plant they are low maintenance and great for first time plant owners.

Plant care

☀️  Sansevieria can tolerate low light, the more sunlight the faster it will grow. We recommend to always acclimate the plant over a few weeks if moving from indirect to direct light to avoid scorching the foliage.

💧 Sansevieria is a plant that doesn’t require constant watering, we recommend watering the plant when the soil is 100% dry, it is better with this plant to err on the dry side. Water thoroughly to ensure that the roots have a healthy system and Sicard any excess water in the saucer. No humidity for this plant, sansevieria prefer to be dry no need to mist.

🌡 It is best to keep this plant in a temperature range of 55-85 degrees, the warmer the temperature the faster it will grow. Sansevieria aren’t big eaters, feed once every six months with a liquid fertilizer when kept indoors.

☠️ This plant is toxic to humans and pets alike if ingested.

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