Ferns care

Boston Fern See how fits

Plant Care

☀️ Ferns prefer bright, indirect light, but can survive in direct light if watered regularly to keep the soil moist.

💧It is important to water the top 25% of soil is dry, water till water flows through the drain holes, discard any water that has accumulated in saucer. Ferns need humidity, it is important to keep your fern in a high humid environment. Ferns make the perfect bathroom and kitchen plants for this reason. During the dry seasons we recommend to place plants by a humidifier or mist regularly.

🌡 This plant does not like to be cold; it is best to keep a fern between 65-80 degrees. If temperatures go below 60 degrees, the fern will stop growing.

☠️ Ferns are nontoxic plants..

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