Cordyline care

Cordyline See how fits

Cordyline plants are beautiful plants, they can bring a splash of color and tropical feeling to any room.

Plant care

☀️ The Cordyline will perform best in bright to medium indirect light. The color of the cordyline will need different amounts of sunlight, dark colored Cordyline can tolerate bright once acclimated; however, variegated cordyline with lighter colors do better in light indirect light.

💧 It is best to water your Cordyline when the top 25-50% of soil is dry, water thoroughly and be sure to empty the saucer of any excess water in saucer to prevent root rot. This plant needs high humidity, it is important to mist the leaves regularly. We recommend that a humidifier be placed nearby, or you may also use a pebble tray to rise the humidity.

🌡 The Cordyline prefers temperature between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit, avoid cold drafts and sudden temperature changes.

☠️ The Cordyline is a toxic plant to both pet and humans if ingested, it can cause stomach irritation and vomiting.

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